Plaza Miquel Dolç

Project description

We acquired an old building in a state of abandonment, located in an area in the process of development in Palma. Our project focuses on carrying out a complete refurbishment of the structure, giving it a completely renovated image and significantly improving the appearance of its façade. The plan envisages the complete refurbishment of the ground floor and four upper levels, resulting in the creation of eight dwellings of 90 and 75 square metres respectively, together with a large commercial space. In addition, we are committed to providing the building with a modern lift, which will not only improve accessibility, but will also become a key element in the future marketing of the property.
Description: Building between party walls.
Type: Complete refurbishment of old building – 8 flats + 1 commercial premises.
Profitability after tax: 40%
Total investment cost: 1.300.000€
Total investment term: 24 months
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